Like many kids in his generation, Nick was initially introduced to the world of computers through video games. At the young age of 14 he taught himself XHTML and CSS and started building websites for school and local organisations, which kick-started his professional career after dropping out of university.

Although his early days started in web development, it did not take long for him to pivot into infrastructure, working on what has come to be known these days as DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering which he’s currently doing at Castor, a medical research company based in Amsterdam.

Nick is also an enthusiastic practitioner of a Russian martial art called Systema and he continues to enjoy video games, though he now spends considerably less time doing so than in his formative years.

Beyond these he’s also known to hole up inside with a good sci-fi/fantasy novel in the weekends and from time to time may be found doing public speaking, especially in the Amsterdam meetup scene and at high schools for the non-profit Geef IT door.