Companies using Elixir


PagerDuty uses Elixir extensively. Here’s a list of articles and talks where they talk about their use of it:


The entire backend of Discord runs on Elixir (with some performance-critical pieces in Rust 1). Their CTO has written that if they had to go back and start over, they would definitely choose the same path again 2, and he’s not the only one with that sentiment. 3

Here’s a list of articles where they talk about how they’re using Elixir:


Heroku’s router is written in Erlang 4.

The Vault team was first to use Elixir inside Heroku 5. Their team is responsible for licensing and financial services, such as invoicing, credit card payments, etc. Most of their services are used internally at Heroku.

Around 2018, Heroku’s front-end team also began using Elixir 5. The team has 21 engineers: about 4 of them doing Elixir full-time, and 8 engineers altogether doing Elixir here and there. They continue using Elixir because they feel productive and happy with it. They have also found it is an easier language to maintain compared to their previous experiences.


Remote (re)wrote their entire platform in Elixir around September of 2019 6.


Community is powered by the Erlang Ecosystem, with Elixir and RabbitMQ playing central roles 7.


Papercups is a startup building an open source customer messaging product (similar to Intercom).

Papercups is built on top of an Elixir/Phoenix API and PostgreSQL database, with Oban being used for workers and job processing 8.


Metrist builds an observability tool that functionally tests and monitors cloud products (like AWS, Azure, Stripe) as well as IT-related tools (Zoom, Jira) and general SaaS-style vendors (Stripe, Humi). From a range of actions, like looking at status pages, actively monitoring APIs, and observing how our customers’ production systems interact with them they try to distill a summarized status so their users know first when something is amiss with any of their vendors.

They wrote their Orchestrator in Elixir, after considering C# as an alternative. 9 After the success there, they then rewrote their C# serverless/microservices backend to Elixir as well. 10 11