Grootschalige Geneeskundige Bijstand

The Grootschalige Geneeskundige Bijstand (GGB) is an organizational model used by medical emergency services in The Netherlands in case of incidents involving many casualties.

In use since January 2016, the GGB model is designed to ensure adequate care of up to about 250 casualties and focuses on letting the different services do what they do best:

  • Ambulance personnel takes care of critically injured persons (designated T1 and T2), with the core objective of stabilizing them to get them transported to a trauma center (hospital) as quickly as possible.
  • Specialized Noodhulp Teams from the Dutch Red Cross take care of lightly injured people (designation T3) to relieve the pressure on ambulance personnel.

In its entirety, the following services are involved with the GGB model:


Based on the number of estimated injuries, different GGB codes will be used and emergency response will be scaled up accordingly:

A diagram showing code 10 (between 10 and 20 casualties), code 20 (20 to 30), code 30 (30 to 40), code 40 (40 to 50) and code 50 (more than 50 casualties) along with the number and types of medicial emergency teams dispatched for each