Lorin Hochstein’s reading lists

Lorin Hochstein curates a number of interesting, often high-quality technical reading lists, including:

  • Resilience engineering papers

    Alias: http://resiliencepapers.club (thanks to John Allspaw).

    This doc contains notes about people active in resilience engineering, as well as some influential researchers who are no longer with us, organized alphabetically. It also includes people and papers from related fields, such as cognitive systems engineering and naturalistic decision-making.

  • Systems and failure reading list

    This page contains references to books and papers about complex systems and how they fail. I’m interested in how these relate to software systems, so my comments will be biased in that direction. In particular, the availability section is specific to high availability in distributed systems.

  • Messiness reading list

    Reality is a messy place.

  • Awesome limits

    This page lists limits that, when breached, led to someone having a bad time. I tweeted about limits and got all sorts of interesting responses. This page contains some of them, with links to the tweets, which often contain more details.