It’s been a few months since my last post and a lot has happened during that time. One of the biggest has been that of leaving my old job at a&m impact and instead accepting a position at TravelBird, a relatively young startup in Amsterdam (our capital city).

I won’t go into specific details on why I left a&m, but I will say it feels really good to be a part of TravelBird. Working in a startup culture is something I’ve been longing for for a while, so being part of the young and vibrant atmosphere here at TravelBird is an exciting challenge for me. Unlike a&m, TravelBird has very little in the way of hierarchy or strict rules which makes me feel a lot less constrained, something that was bothering me a lot with my previous employer (they wouldn’t even let me use Linux originally, blasphemy!).

Working here has also required me to move closer to Amsterdam, which has been quite a change for me personally as well. I’ve grown up in a small village so living in my own apartment near such a huge and bustling city feels very different from what I’m used to, though it has definitely been a very positive experience so far.

That said, I unfortunately haven’t spent any time working on Err lately, and development on that front has been pretty slow in general. I still have a number of ideas that I wish to implement (in addition to a number of issues that need fixing), but even when I did have the time for it, I couldn’t bring myself to get cracking on them.

I can’t help but feel slightly guilty about that, but hopefully soon, when I’m all settled in completely, I will have the energy to spare on Err again. It’d be really nice if we could get our failing tests working properly again, for starters..

Time will tell what happens, I suppose.