Obsidian Export

Obsidian-export is a Rust libary and CLI program to export an Obsidian vault to regular Markdown.

I was an early adopter of Obsidian, but at the time I was worried about lock-in of my notes given that it was such a new product. Building obsidian-export gave me the confidence that I would be able to get my data out again in regular Markdown with links across notes being intact. 1

While I’m no longer worried about vendor lock-in so much (Obsidian’s future looks bright and many other apps also support [[WikiLinks]]), obsidian-export now forms an integral part of my publishing pipeline to https://nick.groenen.me/. All of the content I’m publishing on this website is authored directly in Obsidian, where a custom Rust application extracts selected notes from my vault and exports these to Hugo’s content directory with the help of obsidian-export.


Stargazers over time

  1. I made the first public release of obsidian-export on November 28th, 2020. ↩︎