Inspired by Derek Sivers who set off the /now movement, here you’ll find what I’m up to in life right now.

What I’m doing now

Some time last year I wrote:

I’m currently writing a daemon (in Go) that is designed to read secrets from key management systems like Azure Key Vault or AWS Secrets Manager, optionally transform them, then write them out again to a variety of different outputs (including local files or other key vaults).

But I’ve put that project on the backburner for a bit as I haven’t had the energy lately to be doing anything that feels like work during my spare time. I’d still like to get back to it eventually as I already got quite far with it, but I have no idea when that will be right now.

Could be a while, as my role at Castor has been changing quite a bit this year. I’m leaving the Platform Team that I helped build over the past 5 years and will now be focusing more on a new greenfield project in what we are calling the “Participant Hub”. The project I’m involved with there involves writing a parser (that we’re calling Castor Core) for a domain-specific language, which we’ve chosen to implement using Rust.

(Last updated: Saturday, Mar 9th, 2024)