Top-10 talks of SREcon18 Europe

It’s been a month since I attended SREcon18 Europe and the majority of talks is now available online. In this article I look at the ten talks which stuck with me the most in the days and weeks following the conference.

Summaries are provided to highlight key points and to help you decide whether you should invest time into watching the videos yourself as well.

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True seamless reloads coming in HAProxy 1.8

Willy Tarreau, author of HAProxy, semi-recently wrote a very in-depth article about HAProxy’s reload process and how it could, under certain conditions, drop/reset connections during reloading. With HAProxy 1.8, this will finally be no more.
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Screen is not a process control system

This post may seem like it should be blatantly obvious, but in the last month alone, I’ve heard of numerous people using screen and/or cron to keep daemons alive. Worse, there’s even semi-official guides out there that still recommend it, even in this day and age. Now, don’t get me wrong, screen is absolutely awesome (though I prefer the newer tmux) for what it’s meant to do, such as multiplexing terminals and providing window management of those terminals.
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